• Google Apps The El Monte Union High School District is a member of the Google Apps for Education program, which provides all students with a Google email account, username, and password. Students will use this account to login to all district computers, their assigned personal Chromebook device, and all of our district software applications such as Gmail, SchoolLoop, Google Apps, the student portal, and many more. Google Drive is the preferred method of storing and sharing unlimited documents/files for our students. It is highly recommended that students store all of their classwork within these folders so that none of your work is ever lost.

    Students can also use this technology account to sign in to the school’s wireless network from their personal devices. Student usernames cannot be changed, but the assigned password may be changed at any time if you follow the steps provided on this resource: www.emuhsd.org/changepassword If a student ever feels that their password has been compromised, we encourage that student to change their password as soon as possible. If this continues to be a problem, please contact us at helpdesk@emuhsd.org for district assistance. 

    Link Directly to Access for All form New Students & Incoming Freshman
    Incoming 9th-grade students will receive their EMUHSD Google credentials either just before start of their first class (Summer or Fall) or during our 8th-grade on-site registration day. If you have not yet received this information, please contact the school and the form can either be printed for on-site pickup or emailed to a verified personal email address.

    All EMUHSD students participate in the Access for All learning initiative, which provides students with a dedicated new Chromebook, case, and charger. Wireless are also available through a partnership with Project 10 Million. Prior to receiving either of these assigned devices,
    all students must complete the Student Technology Usage Agreement online form with a parent or guardian as well as watch the brief orientation video. All of this information can be found on our “Access for All” website: www.emuhsd.org/accessforall Your student Google credentials will be required in order to sign into this form. Please make sure you sign out of all personal Gmail accounts prior to clicking on the form(s) as only the district's email account will allow for these forms to be completed. Please note that the Project 10 Million offer is optional to those students who do not have reliable home internet access and that an additional form for this specific program is required to receive this device.