• All students must watch our Access for All 1:1 Orientation video prior to accepting Student Technology Device Usage agreement. It is important that students, as well as parents or guardians, watch the entire video in order to get a full understanding of the mission, goals, policy, support, expectations, and digital citizenship requirements of the Access for All initiative. We thank you in advance for your adherence to the requirements and for your support towards this terrific program. 

  • Would you like a different language for the video subtitles? 
    Click the settings Setting Icon in Youtube  icon at the bottom of the video screen, click Subtitles/CC, click Auto-translate, and finally select your language.
    Change Your Language Subtitles
    ¿Te gustaría un idioma diferente para los subtítulos del video?
    Haga clic en el ícono de configuración Setting Icon in Youtube  en la parte inferior de la pantalla de video, haga clic en Subtítulos / CC, haga clic en Traducción automática y finalmente seleccione su idioma.

    Nín xiǎng yào yīzhǒng bùtóng yǔyán de shìpín zìmù ma?
    Dān jī shìpín píngmù dǐbù de shèzhì túbiāo, dān jī “zìmù/ CC”, dān jī “zìdòng fānyì”, zuìhòu xuǎnzé nín de yǔyán.