Credit: Pixabay non-commercial use Does every student have to receive a Chromebook?
    Chromebooks have been identified as an essential school learning resource for all students within the El Monte Union School District. It is because of today's digital learning environments that EMUHSD has planned to check one device out to each student just as we have checked out textbooks regularly in the past.
    What if my student has their own laptop or Chromebook?
    Students may only use their EMUHSD assigned Chromebook during class time. The district has gone to great lengths to ensure that these laptops have all of the system/network configurations, digital resources, and local support in place to serve our district classrooms in the best possible way. We can only guarantee the same experience on district-owned devices at this time.  
    Will Continuation & Transition students be issued a Chromebook?
    Students at either of these two schools may have the ability to have a device checked out to them at the discretion of the site administrators, but these two locations are not participating in the take-home program.  
    How do we ensure these Chromebooks aren't contributing to too much screen time for students? 
    The American Academy of Pediatrics reminds us, "All children and teens need adequate sleep (8-12 hours, depending on age), physical activity (1 hour), and time away from media. Designate media-free times together (e.g., family dinner) and media-free zones (e.g., bedrooms). Children should not sleep with devices in their bedrooms, including TVs, computers, and smartphones." Use their online tools to build a Family Media Plan. (In English and en Espanol) Remember, too, that not all screen time is created equal. Creative production and active pro-social communication are generally less problematic for teens than passive consumption of videos and games.
    How can I ensure my student is practicing safe internet browsing?
    The web filtering provided on Chromebooks is consistent with both Federal regulations (CIPA), as well as current community standards and sites considered unsafe to visit (e.g. malware, proxy sites). EMUHSD uses a tool called GoGuardian for website filtering. The web filtering categories currently blocked include some of the following:
    • Non-educational games
    • Social media
    • Guns and weapons
    • Adult content
    • Porn/nudity/child porn
    • Violence and Hate
    • Gambling
    • Terrorism/Radicalization

    All computers/devices on the district’s network are subject to the web filter. As Chromebooks travel home with students, there is programming on them that forces them to utilize the district’s filter when not on the district’s network (i.e. at home, Starbucks). Parents/guardians are also key partners in monitoring and keeping students safe online.

    What if we don't have wireless access at home?
    Several options exist for using the Chromebook away from schools, even for families who do not subscribe to wireless access. The first option is that EMUHSD is partnering with the One Million Project Foundation to provide mobile internet hotspot devices called "MiFis" to all students who require it. Click here to learn more about this optional program and to apply for this FREE device offering.
    The second option, Chromebooks can be used "offline" mode. Chromebooks can have material downloaded during class time, saved and made available while disconnected from the Internet. Directions for this are available for students under the Device Tutorials section of this Access for All website.
    Lastly, public wireless internet options are also growing in El Monte, South El Monte, and in Rosemead as well. Students are encouraged to take advantage of the free wireless hotspots around the cities if it is in a safe environment to all.   
    Can I personalize my Chromebook case?
    Chromebook cases may be personalized as students choose so long as the integrity/structure of the case is not altered, the device is still fully protected inside and the items can be removed at any time. The personalization must not conflict with the student code of conduct (e.g. profane, gang-related, disruptive to the learning environment). The Chromebook devices themselves must never have anything removed or personalized onto the laptop directly.  
    Can I use my Chromebook at home to listen to music, play games, or watch movies?
    Listening to music, watching movies, and playing games on your device at home is allowed if the content is school and age appropriate and you have permission from your parent/guardian.
    For additional questions related to the Access for All learning initiative, you can email us at helpdesk@emuhsd.org