• As part of our Access for All 1:1 Chromebook take-home program, the El Monte Union High School District will offer graduating seniors the option to purchase a Chromebook, charger, and carrying case for only $10.00. This offering is consistent with existing EMUHSD Surplus Equipment policies to offers students priority in the purchase of instructional materials prior to surplus.

    How will this work?

    High schools will add a $10 Chromebook Buy Option fee to all senior students' school accounts. If the student wants to purchase the device to keep beyond graduation, the student simply pays the $10 fee at the Student Store. The student will then be able to take a unit with them at the close of the school year.

    Students who do not want to keep the Chromebook, charger, and case for $10, will return all three pieces to their school at the end of finals and get a "Retired ticket" from the school designated area. Students will then take the "Retired ticket" to the Student Store to have the fines removed.

    Chromebooks purchased by students will be removed from the district network and security protocols following graduation; a district login will no longer be required to use the device.

    Please note, students should observe information regarding Google/Chrome support for the Chromebook model at Google Chrome Enterprise Help Auto Update policy and know that these units are sold "as is."

    After graduation, students will have 6 months to transfer files from school accounts to personal accounts. Instructions for Google Take Out are available at "Transfer Your Content". 
    Senior Buyout Frequently Asked Questions

    Will my student be able to buy the Chromebook they have been using this year?
    Most seniors will be able to purchase their Chromebooks, but not all. District policy allows students the option of purchasing instructional materials that would otherwise be surplused and sold to other entities. At the end of 19-20 school year, HP G3 and G4 model Chromebooks will be sent to surplus. Most seniors have these models. A senior student with a newer model Chromebook wishing to purchase a surplus Chromebook will be sold a school spare that is in good working condition. If a student is not sure of their assigned Chromebook model or wants to check out the trade option, their school Tech Support Specialist can assist them.

    How will students log on to the Chromebook after graduation?
    Purchased Chromebooks will be removed from district inventory and policies following graduation. The process should be completed by approximately July 31. A district login will no longer be required at that point. Students can then sign in using their own personal Gmail account, which is recommended that all students obtain during their Junior. EMUHSD recommends that students applying for colleges or financial aid use their personal email account so that communication can continue once their district account is removed in July of their Senior year. 

    Will Internet filtering still be applied to the Chromebook after graduation?
    District internet filtering will no longer be applied once the device is removed from the district inventory and policies?

    How will students transfer data from student/school account to their personal account?
    Information on transferring files from school accounts to personal accounts is available at "Transfer Your Content". Students who have graduated will have 6 months to transfer their data to their personal accounts.

    What happens if something isn't working after July 31st?
    If district policies, login, or filtering do not seem to be removed correctly from the device by July 31, students may contact the school's Technology Technicians for assistance for these areas only. If there is a problem with the device after the last day of school, the student must seek assistance from outside tech support providers for troubleshooting.