• Application of GeoGebra Integrated 1 at Fernando R. Ledesma High School

    Posted by Robert Lenart on 10/23/2017

    Student using GeoGebra on new Touch Chromebook The math department at Fernando R. Ledesma High School is excited to be using GeoGebra in the Integrated 1 Math Program. When studying the topic of geometric transformations, it’s extremely powerful for students to actually see what a translation, reflection, and rotation look like when applied to a variety of different shapes.

    Student using GeoGebra on new Touch Chromebook The students begin their study of transformation with the “old-school” method of using a protractor, compass and ruler. Then the class logs onto GeoGebra Classic on a touch-enabled Chromebook and repeat the transformations using GeoGebra. From a teacher’s perspective, trying to illustrate a rotation on a whiteboard can be frustrating, but the same rotation on GeoGebra can be animated and brought to life in ways that cannot be achieved with a drawing on the board.

    The integration of GeoGebra and the Chromebooks has been well received by the students. The addition of touch technology has greatly enhanced the GeoGebra experience. FRLHS will continue to integrate new technologies into the math program.

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