Welcome to Curriculum and Instruction, Career Technical Education

  • Our department’s mission is to provide leadership and support for EMUHSD staff and parents by coordinating the development, alignment, and implementation of standards, curriculum, career technical education (CTE), instruction, professional learning, assessments and support services to ensure each student meets or exceed proficiency and is ready for college, university and careers. Our district offers a rigorous curriculum to meet the needs of and challenge our students.

    Our department supports our high schools to implement research-based curriculum aligned to the California State Content Standards, coordinates instructional materials adoptions and resources, and provides research-based professional development for teachers and administrators to ensure that they receive the necessary support to effectively address the needs of our diverse student population. We also oversee and direct many of the annual assessment and accountability activities, such as California Assessment of Student Performance and Progress (CAASPP) system, Physical Fitness Test (PFT), Advanced Placement exams (AP), and the School Accountability Report Cards (SARC), among others.

    Each core content area is engaged in ongoing formative assessments and is using data to drive instruction. Their vision statements reflect their commitment to providing student-centered learning opportunities for all.


    Kirk McGinnis
    Director II, Curriculum and Instruction
    El Monte Union High School District
    626-444-9005 x9925

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    Curriculum and Instruction,
    Career Technical Education
    Kirk McGinnis
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    626-444-9005 x9925
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  • Mathematics Vision Statement

    To deliver mathematics instruction that promotes opportunities for students to become effective, accurate, and persevering problem solvers and critical thinkers by engaging in meaningful mathematics via inquiry, application, and collaboration.


  • English Language Arts Vision Statement

    Students in the EMUHSD English Department will use their understanding of a variety of texts to formulate logical arguments to problems posed within the texts and whithin their everyday lives. Teachers will provide students with a variety of texts and mujltiple opportuniites to read, write, and speak about their understanding. Students will use reading and writing to inform themselves about the world and empower themselves to be an active participant in their own lives and community. Students will have strong literary and communication skills based on the focus on reading, comprehension, writing, listening, and speaking skills learned through a variety of literature both fiction and nonfiction.

  • Science Vision Statement

    Science students will use science and engineering practices, utilize crosscutting concepts, and apply specific disciplinary ideas in the context of addressing scientific problems.

  • Social Science Vision Statement

    The Social Science teachers will cultivate focused, supportive, and engaging learning experiences that empower and inspire our students to challenge and question their surroundings; every student, every minute, every second, every day.