• The Science department consists of Biology, Earth,and Physical Science and is made up of two teachers. Using the district Power Standards along with the California State Standards and ESLRs, the department has created appropriate outlines for each subject. As of 2017, we are in the process of aligning our courses to meet NGSS. All classes implement STEM model of approach to science.

    Biology teaches students a higher order of thinking through labs and hands-on activities. All classes are given pre and post-test to understand what areas students struggle. The lecture and class work are adjusted to fit the needs of the students. Along with the class work, students complete projects and labs, such as sheep, heart, earthworm dissections and various presentations.

    Earth Science concentrates on the aspects of physical characteristics of Our planet as well as its place in the Universe. Students learn phenomenas that take place on Earth and try to explain why these phenomena take place, and how do they influence life forms. There are aspects of Ecology that students study in the course, in order to understand the intertwining of physical facts with life. Physical science teaches students critical thinking, discovery via scientific method and formulation of conclusions about basics of physics and chemistry. In this class student use math to give the numerical meaning to the surrounding world and learn application of math, engineering and technology.