• If your son/daughter is unable to attend school, please call the appropriate attendance office at (626) 442-0481.  If there is no answer, please leave a voicemail or email the attendance office with your son/daughter's name, parent's name, date of birth and the reason why your child is out. You are also able to ask your doctor's office to fax a note to 626) 258-4850.

    For attendance regarding FRL students (11th-12th grade), please call:

    Ms. Leslie Larrinaga 

    Attendance Clerk

    (626) 442-0481 ext. 4840 or Dial #2 at prompt


    Mr. Ernie Alvarado

    Community Liasion

    (626) 442-0481 ext. 4818 


    For attendance regarding opportunity students (9th-10th), please call:

    Ms. Cielo Arteaga

    Student Support Coordinator

    (626) 442-0481 ext. 4832