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    The Opportunity Program is an alternative educational program for 13 - 15 year old students whose needs were not met at the comprehensive high school. The objectives of the program are:

    1.) to assist students in developing and improving basic academic skills required to successfully complete high school graduation requirements.

    2.) to provide an insight into the current job market.

    3.) to provide a forum for enhancement of motivational skills and self - esteem.

    4.) to improve attendance.

    The Opportunity Program's curriculum is based on the district's comprehensive high schools with an independent study structure. Courses are remedial based and developed to allow students to work at an individual pace. The instructional methodology is a tutorial approach. Students also engage in a computer curriculum program in English, Math, and other courses. It is the intent of this program to return most of the students to the regular high school program at the end of each year.

                The Opportunity Program is located on Fernando R. Ledesma High School campus. Students attend class Monday - Friday. Credit is earned by productive effort and course work completion.