The math department at Fernando R. Ledesma High School offers 10 sections of math. Eight Integrated I classes and two Algebra and Geometry Concepts courses.


    Prerequisite(s):  None
    This  course follows an approach typically seen internationally (integrated) that consists of a sequence of three courses, each of which includes number, algebra, geometry, probability and statistics.  The fundamental purpose of Integrated Math I is to formalize and extend the mathematics that students learn in the middle schools.  The critical areas, organized into units, deepen and extend understanding of linear relationships in part by contrasting them with exponential phenomena, and in part by applying linear models to data that exhibit a linear trend.  Integrated Math I uses properties and theorems involving congruent figures to deepen and extend understanding of geometric knowledge from prior grades.  The final unit in the course ties together the algebraic and geometric ideas studied.  The Mathematical Practice Standards apply throughout each course and together with the content standards, prescribe that students experience mathematics as a coherent, useful and logical subject that make use of their ability to make sense of problem situations.


    Algebra and Geometry Concepts focuses on six primary critical areas:  Extending the Number System, Quadratic Functions and Modeling, Expressions and Equations, Applications of Probability, Similarity, Right Triangles, Trigonometry, and Circles With and Without Coordinates This course is designed to meet the Common Core State Standards for high schools following the Integrated Math Pathway. Standards for the 8 mathematical practices are also addressed throughout the course.