The business department uses the California Career Technical Education (CTE) Model Curriculum Standards to design curricula and lessons in order to teach and reinforce the career-ready aims of the CTE Model Curriculum Standards and the Common Core State Standards.

    The CTE Model Curriculum Standards are intended to serve the entire educational community, from middle schools and high schools to postsecondary colleges and career training programs. A major aim of these standards is to prepare students for postsecondary education and training and to help them make a smooth transition into the workforce. In order for both the people and the economy of California to prosper, it is essential for all students to emerge from schools ready to pursue their career and college goals. Equipping all high school students with the knowledge and skills necessary to plan and manage their education and careers throughout their lives will help to guarantee these important outcomes. Strong CTE programs will continue to provide important educational opportunities to assist students as they pursue their dreams and strive for economic prosperity. The CTE Model Curriculum Standards are a resource for educators and the business world for ensuring high-quality CTE learning experiences and improved student outcomes in the twenty-first-century economy.

    The business department at Fernando R. Ledesma High School offers classes in Accounting, Business Information Technology, and Entrepreneurship. Students are getting the most up-to-date curriculum, software, and computers. All classes are paperless. Microsoft Office 365 and Google applications such as Word or Google Docs are utilized to teach resumes and cover letters; Excel spreadsheets or Google Sheets for simple calculations to advanced Accounting financial statements and simulations; PowerPoint or Google Slides for oral presentations and public speaking. Students who are proficient in these applications are able to pass the Technology Challenge Test in college in order to obtain college credit without taking a class. In addition, students have an advantage in getting a job and can be successful in the workplace and/or college with these skills.