• As the biggest department on campus we strive to be the best English teachers we can be, in order to better service our unique population. Each class is designed to focus on particular areas of reading, writing, comprehension and literary skills in preparation for the next levels of English courses, college, and to be everyday real world readers. Below is a description of each course:


    Reading Advancement: helps ELLs and struggling readers, focuses on basic reading/writing skills, online based (Achieve 3000) and teacher facilitated, students are exposed to current events/high interest reading. 


    Freshman/Sophomore English: focuses on nonfiction/high interest reading, scaffolded reading & writing skills, hstory based cross-curricular assignments/projects, foundation building for the next levels of English.


    Junior English: classic to contemporary American literature, cross-curricular project based units, high interest reading material, scaffolded writing strategies, cultural connections, round table discussions.


    Senior English: students read shakespeare to contemporary literature, think outside the box, form opinions based on textual evidence, learn to format in MLA, prepare for college reading and writing. 


    Journalism: focus on research and writing, learn to find valid sources, publishes the Mustang Voice and focuses on current issues.