• Fernando R. Ledesma High School offers a collaborative Resource Specialist Program that allows special education students access to the general education classroom and provides special education services to meet their needs.  The goal of R.S.P. is to help students be more successful in their general education classes. 

    Study skills is offered to R.S.P. students as academic support for their general education classes.  Skills required for academic success are taught and general education concepts, lessons, and assignments are reviewed and reinforced. Students must have an active I.E.P. to be enrolled in this class.

     Special Education services at Fernando R. Ledesma High School include:

    • Service is provided through study skills class or on a monitored basis
    • Students can also receive help throughout the day in the R.S.P. office 
    • Mini learning lab provided throughout the day for students to use technology
    • Collaborative services are provided in the general education classroom
    • Consultation with general education teachers is ongoing
    • One to one instruction provided as needed
    • Student progress monitored and assistance provided
    • Support provided to general education staff
    • Para-educator to support student learning
    • Supportive staff and administration