• We are always looking for ways to improve EMUHSD's Technology & Innovation Roadmap

    The Information Services Department is proud of the tremendous progress that has been made over the years to support our ever-evolving digital learning environments. We are also equally proud to announce the additional technological improvements happening around the district over the next 6-18 months. This dedicated technology Roadmap page was created to celebrate our current/past achievements as well as to provide a glimpse into what is on the technology horizon for EMUHSD. 

    We would like to thank our staff for understanding this realm is very much a collaborative continuous improvement process and, with their help, we will never stop in our pursuit to enhance our technological systems and processes. We would also like to thank our proactive Board of Trustees, the vision of our school district leadership, and a wonderful cast of talented supporting staff roles in the district who all play integral parts in our innovation success.

    Although the list of initiatives below does not represent everything in the works, it most certainly represents the most significant goals we are striving to achieve, on top of our department's daily support duties. We hope you share in our excitement about these planned initiatives and support the necessary changes required to implement them. If you have any questions, comments, or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact us at helpdesk@emuhsd.org.

  • Introducing "Synergy", Our New Student Information System
    Launching Summer Term, 2021

    Synergy is coming!!! The district is very excited to announce that we are moving to a new student information system (SIS) which was selected by over 75 EMUHSD staff members last year after an in-depth review of the top SIS programs in the country. The "Synergy" SIS is on pace to go live in the Summer 2021 term and will bring a plethora of welcomed enhancements including, but not limited to, an integrated teacher grade book, online registration, interactive student & parent portals, 7 mobile applications, and MTSS data dashboards with numerous intervention support capabilities. If you'd like to learn about the Synergy program prior to training beginning this Summer, feel free to check out all that it has to offer

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  • Increased Student Internet Access w/ Project 10 Million
    Beginning January 2021, Fully Implemented by Start of Fall

    Project 10 Million We are happy to announce that the district has partnered with the newly established t-Mobile Project 10 Million program which will provide our students with the capability to provide 10x the amount of internet bandwidth allocated to them over the prior program. The P10M program will be a complementary accessory to the success of the district's Access for All Learning Initiative over the next 5 years and EMUHSD will once again eliminate the digital divide by ensuring every student has access to their education. Click here to read more about Project 10 Million  

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  • Distance Learning - Educator Enhancements
    Quarter 3, 2021

    PolyStudio The district has invested wisely with its Learning Loss Mitigation Funding to provide teachers with an abundance of Ed Tech online applications and soon, a high-end teacher edition touch-enabled Chromebook to provide the best possible Distance Learning & Meet experiences. To accompany the new laptop, along with its fancy carrying case, is an amazing new audio/video hardware device called the PolyStudio, which was introduced to alleviate some of the biggest technological concerns educators have faced in either Distance or Hybrid learning environments. The PolyStudio provides teachers either at home or in the classroom the enhanced abilities to be seen, heard, and interact with the class, without being trapped behind the webcam. The device offers a premium soundbar, 120-degree HD-camera motion tracking (it follows your movements), 6 integrated microphones, and cancels out random background noises. Teachers will have the choice of using it for home Distance Learning or as they see fit in the physical classroom, when we're able to return. If you're interested in taking a PolyStudio home for Quarters 3 & 4, please fill out this request form and your site tech will follow up on your request. 

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  • Camera Surveillance Phase II - 400 Total Cameras
    Est Completion by Fall, 2021

    Camera Surveillance - Phase II The district successfully completed the first phase of our camera surveillance system back in 2018 by revamping the entire video monitoring system, security roles, device access, and the sheer number of cameras (approx 250) throughout the district. The goals of the first phase were to provide camera surveillance monitoring capabilities focused around the perimeter of each school, entry & exit points, campus quads, areas known for high traffic, and high-value assets. The initiative has been a glowing success for increased school safety and has significantly reduced overall theft, fights, and vandalism on all of our campuses. Phase II of the project is set to begin Summer of 2021 and will focus on stairwells, walkways, building interiors, office entrances, and gymnasiums. Once this phase II is completed, the district will have nearly 400 total cameras monitoring it's 9 locations. 

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  • Enhanced Classroom Audio & Video
    Est Completion by End of 2021

    Mobile TV Option Over the last 3 years, we have replaced and updated the majority of audio and video technology integrated into the classroom as well as added digital wall switching options for the educator to use for changing inputs to different tech devices. The district has standardized our ceiling-mounted speakers and projector model to an improved laser version which requires no bulbs or ongoing maintenance. We have also introduced 21st-century classroom concepts in this niche which allow a larger 75"+ HD-TV to be placed on a mobile stand as an option so that as teachers change their instructional strategies & student groupings daily...the TV can be moved to provide greater flexibility to the educator on that need. The mobile option also provides an opportunity for wirelessly displaying the teacher computer, laptop, tablet, and/or casting from a student device as well. We plan on having each classroom updated with either option by the end of the calendar year.  

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  • Access Control Safety Systems 
    Beginning Fall of 2021, Est 1-2 Year Implementation Plan

    Access Control is Coming! One of the major focal points of the Measure HS bond, which was approved by our community in November of 2018, was to increase campus safety at all locations. We have made great strides in this area, but the next iteration involves the implementation of an Access Control system. In its simplest form, Access Control converts physical door locks on campus with a digital version. This necessary change provides many additional features such as; increased access for employees through multiple means, eliminates the need for costly traditional keys that cannot be monitored, adds protection against unwanted visitors, provides immediate campus lockdown options, reduces theft & accidents, and provides a logged schedule for all. The district is currently putting together the large scope of our project prior to going out to a formal bid. The hope is that this Access Control project will start at 1-2 sites within the Fall term with the intent of finishing the entire district within 1-2 years.   

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