• Information Services Technology Roadmap

    On top of the thousands of new computers and devices arriving to our campuses annually, as well as the significant systems changes happening almost daily, we have created this Technology Roadmap page to make you better informed about the significant technological changes around the bend for our district and its stakeholders. Although the list below does not represent everything in the works, it most certainly represents a huge chunk of our efforts, on top of our daily duties. We hope you share in our excitement for these much-needed initiatives and support the necessary changes required to implement them. If you have any questions, comments or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact us at Helpdesk@emuhsd.org 

  • School Website Revamp
    Est Completion by End of Calendar Year for All Sites

    Revamped School Websites Coming Soon! The district is committed towards rebranding our online presence and to make our school websites more standardized, content rich, full-featured, as well as responsive to the mobile devices that are used to view them daily. EMUHSD has collaborated with BlackBoard to migrate all school sites from the existing SchoolLoop website presence. This does NOT mean that SchoolLoop is going away, as it is still a very critical piece for online gradebook & assignment sharing, but it does mean that the front-end view of the school's websites will be migrated over to a newer platform. The school websites will also offer complementary features that work in conjunction with the other related initiatives listed on this page in regards to school to home communication improvements.  

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  • School to Home Communications (Auto-Dialer Replacement)
    System Introduction During Summer School Term

    ParentLink is Coming! We are happy to announce that the district has procured an elegant replacement for the previous InTouch auto-dialer system, which is scheduled to begin use during the Summer School term. This new BlackBoard product, called "ParentLink", will allow site and district personnel, as well as teachers to have new abilities to communicate to our parents & students through mediums such as phone, email, text, website, social media, and school app postings. The system is complementary to the new district app and the website revisions that are also in the works. The system also gives us the ability to auto translate information to our homes as well as have mail/phone merging for increased customization of our messaging. Teachers and administrators will begin training for this new system starting during the Summer Professional development sessions at the PDC. We hope you enjoy these new additions. 

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  • Social Media Account Integration
    Est Completion by End of Summer School

    Social Media Integration

    The district is in the process of creating 30+ new social media accounts that will be used for enhanced school to home communications and to highlight all the amazing stories that EMUHSD has to celebrate. The district, as well as each school site, will now all have official Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter accounts to increase the likelihood that we can find a medium that our district stakeholders participate on. This new standardized Social Media addition will complement the new school to home communications platform as a whole, giving our staff the ability to market to our stakeholders in a multitude of different ways...including email, text and website postings.     

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  • District Mobile App
    Est Completion by Start of 2017 School Year

    District's New Mobile App

    The district is introducing its very own EMUHSD branded mobile app to compliment the district & school website renovations, enhanced school to home communication mediums, & new social media integrations. The district app will incorporate all of these features into this new data aggregator app for all student, school, and district data...giving our stakeholders a very informative and customizable user experience.  

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  • Classroom Management Software
    Est Completion by Start of 2017-18 School Year

    Classroom Management Software We are currently working with multiple teachers throughout the district on Classroom Management trial software. The project initiative is to give our teachers the capability to have greater control over Chromebooks utilized within their classroom and to serve as an Ed Tech facilitator. The district is evaluating GoGuardian software, which gives teachers the ability to view/highlight screens, interact directly with individual students or the entire class, and to create custom reusable "scenes" (rule-sets) to keep the students focused on their tasks. This initiative and software will be discussed in detail during Summer Professional Development sessions at the PDC.  

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  • Camera Surveillance System Revamp
    Est Completion by End of October for All Sites

    Enhanced Campus Security Coming Soon! The district has completed the first phases of our camera surveillance system project and we are now ready for new camera installations to begin. The system itself has been overhauled; storage capacity has been enhanced and new capabilities for staff to have access from off-site as well as on their mobile devices has been established. We have procured 200 cameras to match our school and district needs. We have met with all school site administrators, plant managers, local police and other staff roles to establish the best locations for the cameras.

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  • Emergency Management Systems (EMS)
    Est Completion of Full Software Offering by the End of the Calendar Year

    Emergency Mgmt Software Coming Soon! The district has collaborated with our feeder districts on implementing a new Emergency Management System called CatapultEMS to assist our campuses during emergencies. This new e911 system will help establish a centralized emergency response plan that introduces threat report management capabilities and keeps all district and site staff informed via email and text messaging during potential or actual emergency situations. The system also introduces capabilities for student and staff remote check-ins, which allows first responders access to critical information about where trouble resides when arriving on campus. More information to be shared on this software and training dates soon, but we hope you join us in welcoming such exciting new capabilities.

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  • External Wireless Access Points
    Est Completion by End of October for All Sites

    New External Wireless Points The district has invested over a million dollars over the last 3 years in revamping our network infrastructure, from head to toe. We have increased our speed capacity tenfold, have made wireless internet access ubiquitous, and have eliminated the barriers to access...all while adding more security than ever behind the scenes. We are continuing on our effort to have every inch of our campuses covered with wireless internet, ensuring that our classes outdoors, athletic fields, quads, etc. have the necessary coverage they deserve. New wireless access points will begin installation over the next few months and are specifically designed for increased coverage areas, as well as high connection capacity. We hope you will take advantage of these new exciting capabilities.

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