• Welcome to the GoGuardian Reference Page 

    GoGuardian is a Chromebook monitoring and teacher facilitator application that helps students learn safely, stay focused, and get engaged. Features of GoGuardian include tab control, attention mode, screenshots, Google Classroom integration, link sharing, content filtering and so much more.  While active teacher monitoring is still the best way to minimize distractions from the learning process, GoGuardian is a complementary tool to ensure that students are making good choices in our new digital environments. 

    How EMUHSD Teachers Gain Access
    This software application is incredibly robust and has many features that can enhance your classroom technology integration tremendously. Although it is very easy to use and set up, given the Google Classroom integration, it has the ability to alter a student's Chromebook behavior even at times in which you are not scheduled to meet with your students. It is because of these powerful features that we would like all teachers who wish to utilize the GoGuardian software to take and complete the brief online training program prior to being given your access to the system. 
    Simply email the district's HelpDesk staff at helpdesk@emuhsd.org to enroll you in GoGuardian.  You will then use your district Gmail credentials to log in to university.goguardian.com.  Once you complete the brief course, simply forward the certificate or the screenshot (if you don't receive a certificate, you may also take a screenshot of the completed course) to the district's Helpdesk staff.  Your Teacher account within GoGuardian will be enabled within 1 business day.  You'll then navigate to https://teacher.goguardian.com and use the "Sign in with Google" option. After a successful login, you can begin to set up your classes, scene permissions, and enjoy using the leading classroom management tool for Chromebooks. 
    Support and Tutorials

    GoGuardian Scenes
    Scenes in GoGuardian Teacher give you more control over how your students are using their Chromebooks. You can use Scenes to create a set of tabs to automatically open on each student device when class begins, set a maximum number of tabs, and create allowed and blocked lists of websites.

    EMUHSD Support Contact Info

    Please contact our district Helpdesk at extension x4357 (HELP) if you need assistance with your account or have additional questions. Do not hesitate to use the "Help" icon that is provided within the bottom right corner of the teacher screen if you need application help. You can access GoGuardian's software using this direct link: https://teacher.goguardian.com or by using the "Staff Apps" drop-down menu at the top right of our district website: www.emuhsd.org and selecting "GoGuardian" from your list of options.