• About

    ParentSquare is EMUHSD's new school-to-home communications platform. ParentSquare is the premier K12 solution for unifying all communications modalities into one interface for education. The product engages every family with school communications and communications-based services—all the way from the district office to the classroom teacher, and all in one place website and/or mobile app.

    ParentSquare creates a message once and publishes it across all communication channels such as app alerts, phone calls, email, text, and social media. Staff members can customize messages, schedule urgent or routine announcements, and have an instant view of engagement statistics regarding how well the communications are being received. Teachers and staff are able to leverage this tool to assist in classroom attendance, homework, classroom, field-trip reminders, and even messages tailored to individual students, parents, staff, or community members. Perhaps the best feature of the ParentSquare platform is that all communications are translated into the student's or parent's preferred language automatically. 

  • Training Resources (All ParentSquare self-paced training options, by role, click here)

    Teachers - Teacher accounts are automatically created based on class assignments within the school's master schedule.  Teachers will log in utilizing the "Sign-in with Google" option, so they do not have to remember yet another password.  Class rosters are automatically synchronized nightly to this system from the Synergy student information system. Follow the links below to view helpful Blackboard Mass Notifications tutorials and guides for teachers

    Administration, Clerical, and Special/TOSA Roles

    Automated Attendance Notifications 

    Each evening, ParentSquare will notify families of any missed classroom attendance around 6pm. The messages will be delivered in accordance with the preferences for contact set by the parent/guardian (i.e. text, email, app/push).

    Additional Training and Support Contact Info

    Throughout the school year, the Information Services Department as well as the site TTLs will be conducting both live and virtual trainings in regard to this great communications platform, depending upon the role(s) requesting support. Feel free to reach out to them directly if you need one-on-one support. Please contact our district Helpdesk at extension x4357 (HELP) if you need assistance with your account or have additional questions the site TTL cannot answer. Do not hesitate to use the ParentSquare self-help options within the application if the training resources above do not answer your questions.

    You can access our ParentSquare app anytime and from anywhere using this direct link: www.parentsquare.com or by using the "Staff Apps" dropdown menu at the top right of our district website: www.emuhsd.org and selecting the "ParentSquare" option.