Enhanced Classroom AV

Enhanced Classroom Audio & Video
Est Completion by End of 2021

Mobile TV Option Over the last 3 years, we have replaced and updated the majority of audio and video technology integrated into the classroom as well as added digital wall switching options for the educator to use for changing inputs to different tech devices. The district has standardized our ceiling-mounted speakers and projector model to an improved laser version which requires no bulbs or ongoing maintenance. We have also introduced 21st-century classroom concepts in this niche which allow a larger 75"+ HD-TV to be placed on a mobile stand as an option so that as teachers change their instructional strategies & student groupings daily...the TV can be moved to provide greater flexibility to the educator on that need. The mobile option also provides an opportunity for wirelessly displaying the teacher computer, laptop, tablet, and/or casting from a student device as well. We plan on having each classroom updated with either option by the end of the calendar year.