Introducing "Synergy", Our New Student Information System

Introducing "Synergy", Our New Student Information System
Launching Summer Term, 2021

Synergy is coming!!! The district is very excited to announce that we are moving to a new student information system (SIS) which was selected by over 75 EMUHSD staff members last year after an in-depth review of the top SIS programs in the country. The "Synergy" SIS is on pace to go live in the Summer 2021 term and will bring a plethora of welcomed enhancements including, but not limited to, an integrated teacher grade book, online registration, interactive student & parent portals, 7 mobile applications, and MTSS data dashboards with numerous intervention support capabilities. If you'd like to learn about the Synergy program prior to training beginning this Summer, feel free to check out all that it has to offer