Mandated Employee Trainings

  • All employees of El Monte Union High School District have trainings that are mandated by the State of California.  The training can be completed at any time, from any computer, at work or at home. You are responsible for completing the mandated training by September 23, 2022. For EMUEA employees, please refer to MOU for mandated training information and timelines  2022-2023 Professional Development MOU 

    All employees failing to comply with the training will not be allowed to work until the training has been fully completed. 

    The Mandated Training assignments will be sent to your district email.  You must check your email and follow directions to complete each assignment by the due date.  If you do not have a district email, the assignments will be sent to your personal email. If you do not receive the email from Keenan Safe Schools, please check with or for training assignments.

    You can assess the training 24/7 and you may start and stop as needed. Once you have completed the training and pass the final assessment, (if required) your information will be logged into Keenan's database. You may print a copy of the certificate for your records. You are not required to provide a copy of the certificate to EMUHSD.

    There are NO exemptions or extensions for any mandated trainings. Mandated Trainings are a condition of employment.

    The following training sessions are on the Keenan Safe Schools:

    Login: employee email 

    The website will cover compliance for the following mandatory online trainings:

    1)       Intro to Child Abuse (3 Minutes)
    2)       Grooming High School Part 1 (5 minutes)
    3)       Grooming High School Part 2 (4 minutes)
    4)       Mandated Reporter” Child Abuse/Neglect (49 Minutes)
    5)       Sexual Harassment Prevention (Non-Management, 60 Minutes)/ (Management, 2 hours)
    6)       Employee/Student Interaction-Board Policy 4060 (custom course, 10 minutes)
    7)       Youth Suicide Awareness & Prevention (39 Minutes)
    8)       Making Schools Safe/Inclusive Transgender (19 Minutes )
    9)       Cal/OSHA COVID-19 Protection Plan Training (25 Minutes)
    10)     Bloodborne Pathogen Exposure Prevention (21 Minutes)