Mandated Trainings 2023-2024

  • El Monte Union High School District is required by state law to provide specific mandated training courses for employees. Per Board Policy, the District is also requiring additional training as part of this year’s employer-mandated training program. Training will be issued by Keenan (Safer Schools). The training can be completed at any time, from any computer, at work or at home. You are responsible for completing the mandated training by September 27, 2023.

    Your login to all required training courses will be the email address you received from Safe Schools.  You may access Keenan Safe Schools here.

    Mandated training courses are listed below. Each individual employee has been assigned their required courses to meet both state and district requirements.





    Intro to Child Abuse

    3 Minutes

    District Mandate

    Initial + Annually

    Grooming High School (Part 1)


    District Mandate

    Initial + Annually

    Grooming High School (Part 2)

    4 Minutes

    District Mandate

    Initial + Annually

    Mandated Reporter-Child Abuse/Neglect

    31 Minutes

    AB 1432, EC 44691, PC 11165.7

    Initial + Annually

    Sexual Harassment Prevention

    60 Min. (non-mgt) 2 Hrs (mgt)

    AB 1343

    Initial + every 2 years

    Employee/Student Interaction

    10 Minutes

    EMUHSD BP 4060

    Initial + Annually

    Youth Suicide Awareness & Prevention & Postvention

    41 Minutes

    CDE 215 (amended by AB 1767)


    Bloodborne Pathogen Exposure Prevention

    23 Minutes

    Cal/OSHA 5193

    Initial + Annually

    Human Trafficking Awareness (New Requirement)

    60 Minutes

    CDE 51934


    Bullying Recognition and Response (New Requirement)

    58 Minutes

    AB 2291, EC 32283.5



    All training sessions can be accessed 24/7 and you may start, stop, and continue as needed. Upon completion of all required training courses, you may print a copy of the certificate for your records. Please note that you are not required to provide a copy of the certificate to EMUHSD as your information has been recorded onto the Keenan system.

    All employees failing to comply with the training will not be allowed to work until all sessions have been fully completed. Employees in need of additional assistance or accommodations with completing these training sessions, should reach out to the Risk Management & Safety office or your immediate supervisor.

    There are NO exemptions or extensions for completion of any mandated training course. Mandated Training courses are a condition of employment.


    Leanne Morelli

    Director of Risk Management & Safety

    626.444.9005 ext. 9833