• You are a "close contact" if you shared the same indoor airspace with someone with COVID-19 for a total of 15 minutes or more over a 24-hour period while they were infectious.

    Examples of indoor airspaces are homes, waiting rooms, airplanes.  An example of 'a total of 15 minutes or more' is being in the same airspace with a person for 5 minutes at least 3 different times in 24 hours.

    If you are a close contact to someone with COVID-19 and you have no symptoms, you do not need to quarantine*. You are required to:

    1. Wear a highly protective mask for 10 days.
      • You must wear a mask around others while indoors and when in close contact with others outside. This includes wearing a mask at home.
      • See ph.lacounty.gov/masks for details about masks that offer the best protection.
    2. Get tested 3-5 days after you were last exposed
      • In addition, consider getting tested right away if you or someone you live with is at higher risk for severe illness. This is because medicine to prevent severe illness is available for high-risk people who have symptoms and test positive, and it should be started as soon as possible after symptoms begin. If you live or spend time with someone at higher risk, finding out that you are positive sooner means that you can take steps to protect them sooner. If you test negative, test again on or after Day 5.
      • If you test positive at any time, follow isolation instructions at ph.lacounty.gov/covidisolation.
      • Note: if you tested positive for COVID-19 using a viral test in last 90 days, testing is not recommended unless you get symptoms.
    3. Monitor your health for 10 days
      1. If symptoms start, test right away and stay home away from others. If you test positive, follow isolation requirements at ph.lacounty.gov/covidisolation.

    Note: Day 1 is the first full day after your last contact with the infected person.