• Student COVID-19 Screening

    What to do if you are feeling sick, click here.

    In order to ensure community health and safety, EMUHSD has developed the following screening options for students to enter any district campus as efficiently as possible. Students may use any of the following 3 options to enter a school campus.  

    Please also note, facial coverings are required indoors and strongly recommended outdoors.

    Parents/guardians of students who are unable to wear a mask for a verifiable reason as identified by the Los Angeles Department of Public Health (LACDPH) must contact their school site for assistance prior to sending their student to school.

    Students exhibiting any of the following NEW or Worsenig symptoms shall not attend school:


    COVID-19 Symptoms


    Option 1

    • Sample Fast Pass CardStudent ID Card w/ “Fast Pass” Icon
      • Students who have been fully vaccinated against COVID-19  may request a special "fast pass" icon on their student ID. This will be valid for the 2021/2022 school year.
      • In order to request a fast pass icon, proof of full COVID-19 vaccination must be presented to the school's Health Office.
      • All students, including those with a fast pass, must wear a mask while on campus and shall stay home if any of the aforementioned symptoms are present. Please contact your school for assistance.
      • Students with a fast pass icon are not required to complete the daily COVID-19 screener, but must present the ID card.
        • If unable to present their fast pass ID card, students will need to complete either of the remaining COVID-19 screening options.
        • Students shall obtain parental approval prior to requesting a fast pass icon.
      • Entry point COVID-19 screening will randomly do temperature checks of all students prior to entering campus.


    Option 2

    •  Sample Screener Digital IDDaily Digital Fast Pass Via Student Email
      • Before leaving for school every morning, students using this option will need to use their student Chromebook to complete the daily COVID-19 At-Home Screener using their StudentVUE portal.
      • Once completed, a digital fast pass will be sent to the student's EMUHSD email if they are clear to attend school. Based on screener responses, a student may be directed to stay home and notify their parent.
      • This digital daily fast pass must be presented at any entry point via printout or by showing the fast pass on a mobile device. The digital fast pass is only valid for the date specified. 
      • A digital daily fast pass will allow students to skip the COVID-19 screening questions at the gate.
      • Entry point COVID-19 screening will randomly do temperature checks prior to entering campus.
      • If a student is unable to present the digital fast pass at a gate, they must participate in Option 3.


    Option 3

    • In-Person COVID-19 Screening
      • The in-person COVID-19 screening process includes temperature checks and having all students answer LACDPH COVID-19 Screening Questions.
      • This screening process will remain in effect at all entry points for those who do not possess or cannot present options 1 or 2.