Truss Rigging
    Suspended grid of 4” w channel iron with 3 1/4” slots
    Grid Height: 48’ 10.”
    Access to grid: ladder stage right, no elevator
    Loading bridge: Not Available
    Counterweight locking position: stage right, 0’ (stage) level
    Single purchase counterweight 
    Total number line sets: 16, numbered 1 thru 16
    Usable loading capacity per line set: 1400 lbs.
    Arbor length:8.'
    Standard brick weight: 20-25 lbs., 45-50 lbs.
    The distance between line sets: varies.
    Proscenium Opening: 47’ 12” w x 20’h 
    2” pipe, on seven pick-up lines
    Maximum flying height: 46'10.”
    Minimum flying height: 4'11.”
    Batten length: 56’ 1.”
    Stage rigging points: available in the fly loft. High- load points can be taken from overhanging I-Beams requiring bridling.
    Rigging accessories include: span sets, steel slings, shackles, spotting sheaves, hand line, one-ton chain motors, half-ton chain motors, 500lb chain motors, trussing sections and safety equipment available upon request
    Stage Dimensions: 47' w,32' d
    the stage floor CANNOT BE DRILLED OR LAGGED.
    Riser platforms: steel frame, black 3/4” plywood MAX LOAD 4000 lbs.
    (24) Steel Deck versatile 4’ x 8’ platform tops
    (1) Steel Deck Versatile 4’ x 4’ platform tops
    (8) Steel Deck versatile 4’ x 8’ quadrant platform tops
    (2) 5-Step Stair unit with rails
    (1) 3-step stair unit with rails
    (1) 4’x 4’ steel ramp capacity of 4,000lbs
    4’ x 8’ platform requires six (6) legs each, 4’ x 4’ require four (4) legs each
    (70) 1’ Steel Legs
    (45) 2’ Steel Legs
    (70) 3’ Steel Legs
    (30) 4’ Steel Legs
    (7) Wenger 4 step, 6’ choir risers can be set-up straight or in an arc.
    Recital shell: (7) Wenger 6’ rolling sections with varying degrees of 45, 60, and 75
    Lectern/Podium: Two (2) available. Dark Walnut, and red velvet
    8 Sandbags