Dressing Rooms/Make-up room
    ·      two rooms both have single capacity restrooms.
    ·      4 costume racks each.
    ·      two full-size mirrors.
    ·      1 Make-up room with two sinks one full-size mirror and 11 table top mirrors.
    ·      Table and chairs will be provided upon request.
    ·      Both dressing rooms are 21'x18'
    ·      The Make-up room is 22'x12.'
    Stage Managers position
    ·      Stage Right corner equipped with headset communication and house light control via unison panel.
    ·      Center of the tech booth equipped with headset communication.
    Multiple-Use rooms
    ·      These rooms include the band room, choir rooms, and cafeteria and can be used as:
    ·      Green rooms.
    ·      Rehearsal rooms.
    ·      Extra dressing rooms.   
    Management Office
    ·      Is for authorized personnel only.
    Loading Dock
    ·      Loading dock bay is accessed by a ramp.
    ·      Located North/East side of the auditorium off Mission in between the Auditorium and main campus up the service lane.
    ·      The loading dock can service up to 2 U-Haul box trucks.
    ·      Loading path is straight through theater shop onto the stage.
    Truck and Bus parking
    ·      Parking can be located in the North parking lot off Rosemead Blvd.
    ·      Approximately two trucks or 2 buses can fit in the parking.
    General Parking
    ·      five lots are available and are located surrounding the Auditorium.
    ·      Total of parking spots are 241 and ADA parking spots are 18
    Handicap Access
    ·      All Dressing rooms and stage are wheelchair accessible.
    ·      Standard crew show call time is 1.5 hours before curtain.
    ·      Lobby opens 1.0 hour before the show.
    ·      If general seating House will open 30min before the show.
    ·      If assigned seating House will open 1.0 hour before the show.
    ·      No food or drinks are allowed in the seating area or on stage except bottled water.
    ·      No chewing gum, please.
    ·      Please walk, DO NOT RUN.