District Showcase
    House Mix Desk
    Yamaha CL3
    House Mix Position
    Rear center of lower auditorium in front of rear upper auditorium exit doors
    Dimensions: 17’ wide 4’ high by 3’ deep
    IR audience Listening System
    Coming soon
    Stage Managers Desk 
    Located stage right equipped with one wired Clear-Com pack and headset and house/work light control
    Show communication
    (6) Clear-Com wired packs with headset
    (4) Clear-Com Wireless Packs with headset
    Show video relay
    Coming Soon
    Show Audio Relay
    Coming soon
    House Speakers
    (6) Yamaha IF2205 (Arena Config)
    (6) KLA 12 1KW (Concert Config)
    Subs and Fills on the floor:
    (2) Mackie SWA1801
    (4) KLA 181 1KW subwoofer (Flown)
    Monitor Wedges:
    (16) QSC K10
    (8) QSC K12
    House Snake Systems
    (1) Yamaha RIO 1608, 16X8 I/O DIGITAL SNAKE VIA CAT 5E, 250FT
    Outboard gear
    (2) Lexicon MPX 500 24-Bit Dual ch. Processor
    (10) Shure SM58
    (10) Shure SM57
    (2) Shure MVL
    (2) Shure Beta 91A
    (6) Shure KSM141
    (1) Shure KSM109
    (1) Beta 52A 
    (5) MXL 991
    (4) AUDIX F10
    (4) AUDIX i5
    (20) Mogan Rean Headsets
    (20) Countrymen E6 Headsets
    (5) MXL 990
    (3) Sennheiser E835s
    (2) Audio Technica AT851a
    (1) Audio Technica AT871r
    (2) Audio Technica AT835b
    (1) Calrad 600 Ohm 10-13 condenser mic
    (24) Shure UR1-UHF
    (10) Shure SM58 UR2
    (24) Shure UR1 H4 518-578Hz Bodypacks
    Video Equipment
    (2) EPSON Powerlite Pro Z9870NL XGA 3LCD Projector
    (2) 50" LCD SCREENS located in the Lobby
    (1) 32" LCD SCREEN located Backstage