• The RHS English department is dedicated to helping students become better readers, writers, listeners, and speakers. We provide students with a broad range of reading selections and teach them how to break down texts for meaning. We provide students the opportunity to research, reflect, analyze, and discuss not only traditional literature, but a variety of non-fiction as well. Our staff is enthusiastic and excited to help students become critical thinkers who are prepared to face the challenges of the 21st century. We welcome all input from students and parents and encourage both to communicate with our teachers whenever there is a need.

    NOTE: Please allow at least 24 hours for any teacher to respond to a question or concern.


    To develop college and career readiness, we will support our students as they learn to critically analyze, discuss, and write about what they read through challenging texts, structured collaboration, and formal writing practice frequently throughout the semester.


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    Rosemead High School
    English Department
    9063 E. Mission Drive
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    Department Chair
    Sarah Stringfellow