• School Gate and Visitor Pass Policy

    Student and staff safety is a top priority of Rosemead High School. For the purposes of maintaining order, and providing for the safety of all staff and students, the following policies and procedures are in place.

    Visitor Badge: All visitors are required to wear a visitor badge while on campus. Even parents who are visiting the administration and attendance offices will be required to wear a visitor badge. The badge will be picked up at the main campus entrance by signing in at our switchboard desk. Anyone walking about our High School will be required to sign in for a visitor badge. The only exception is for delivery services (example: UPS) who will be asked to ONLY sign in (food delivery services do not fall under this category) and district personnel.

    Parking: All visitors are  to park in the visitor parking lot off of Mission Drive. 

    Thank you for your assistance in supporting this process. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact the Rosemead High School Administrative team at (626) 286-3141.