•  Money


    1. “Guaranteed or money back.”
    2. “Can’t get this info anywhere else.”
    3. “May I have a credit card or deposit to hold.”
    4. “Well do all the work for you.”
    5. “Scholarship will cost money.”
    6. “Finalist in a contest you never entered.”

    College Board: The Facts on Scholarships

    • You should never pay for a scholarship search. There are many free ones.
    • Organizations like businesses, clubs, and churches usually fund private scholarships for students who belong to a certain group or meet certain requirements.
    • These institutions want the funds to go to qualified students. They don't keep the money a secret.
    • If you have to pay money to get money, it's probably a scam.                                                                                       





         -PEERLIFT Scholarships and internships


         -MALDEF (DREAMERS/AB540)





    Computer Science Scholarships 

    College Board Scholarship -Available for the first time, starting with the class of 2020.   

    College Board Scholarship



    1. Italian Catholic Federation - REQUIREMENTS: Student must have a cumulative GPA (3.5 years) of at least 3.2 and meet all the requirements in either #1. Are Roman Catholic and of Italian Descent and live within the Roman Catholic of California, only where Branches of the Federation are established. #2 if either Roman Catholic parent, guardian or grandparent is a member of the Italian Catholic Federation, the student must be Roman Catholic but need not be of Italian Descent or live where Branches of the Federation are established  - membership of a Roman Catholic parent, guardian or grandparents is mandatory for #2.  AWARD:  Up to $1,000.  Deadline is March 15, 2019, for an application go to www.icf.org


    2. The 2019 Royal Business Bank Scholarship Program:


    Application Deadlines for ALL scholarships: 11:59 PM - Wednesday, March 27, 2019


    3. The 2019 Mega Bank Scholarship Program:


    Application Deadlines for ALL scholarships: 11:59 PM - Wednesday, March 27, 2019


    4. The 2019 Cathay Bank Scholarship Program


    Application Deadlines for ALL scholarships: 11:59 PM - Wednesday, March 27, 2019


    5. 2019 Taiwanese American Scholarship Fund


    Application Deadlines for ALL scholarships: 11:59 PM - Wednesday, March 27, 2019



    The NROTC Scholarship Program offers students the opportunity to earn their degree and receive valuable leadership and management skills while enjoying the benefits of an exciting career.

    Apply here: https://www.nrotc.navy.mil 

    Deadline for 2019: closed

    2020 application opens April 1, 2019


    7. INSURANCE SCHOLARSHIPS  - If you’ve never heard of insurance scholarships, then listen up. These top insurance scholarships offer financial support from $500 to $10,000 to a full-ride. Here is a list of the best ones you can apply for, keep in mind that some of the applications don’t open until the beginning of every year.  For further scholarship criteria, and deadlines go to 


    Deadline: Due dates vary


    8. Foothill Credit Union Scholarship

    Foothill Credit Union Scholarship application

    Deadline: March 29, 2019


    9.CALIFORNIA CREDIT UNION:  California Credit Union is awarding 10 scholarships of $1,000 each to Los Angeles County students.  Applications are open to college-bound high school seniors and community college students who are transferring to a four–year university. Each year, California Credit Union recognizes students who are motivated in their academic endeavors, active in their schools, and contributing to their community, giving back to others through their participation, service, and volunteer work.  

    To apply, visit ccu.com/scholarship  

    Deadline:  applications are being accepted through March 21, 2019.


    10. LA HISTORIA SOCIETY (EL MONTE CA) SCHOLARSHIP:  The Historia Society Museum will be awarding $150.00.  The requirement is a 300-500 word essay of your life in El Monte/South El Monte, some suggestions for the essay are, struggles, family and traditions, respect of someone, sports, memories, unusual events, and a special victory.  The winning story will be published in the future editions of "Cuentos de El Monte" and the students' picture will be featured in the 2020 La Historia Calendar. 

    Pick up an application in the Career Center. 

    Return application to the Career Center by May 6, 2019.


    11. The EKG FOUNDATION SCHOLARSHIP FUND is a legacy to ensure equality in education and higher learning opportunities for under-represented and disadvantaged and disadvantaged citizens in El Monte.  Outstanding graduating seniors from high schools within the El Monte area are eligible to apply.  The scholarship is open to students from backgrounds regardless of age, race, religion, gender, sexual preference or national origin.  Recipients receive a one-time scholarship award ranging from $100-$300for an accredited public or private institution.

    Pick up an application in the career center. 

    The application is due March 15th, 2019. 

     12. L.A. County Bilingual Directors' Association Shelly Spiegel-Coleman Scholarship is offering a $500 dollar Scholarship to high school bilingual senior who is planning to enroll in courses leading towards a teaching or counseling credential addressing the needs of English learners through the promotion of Bilingual Education. 

    Pick up an application in the Career Center.

    DEADLINE: Monday, April 29, 2019.


    13. The Daniel Carlos Herrera Memorial Scholarship-The Daniel Carlos Herrera Memorial Scholarship Committee of the L.A. County Bilingual Director's Association is offering a $500.  Daniel Herrera was a high school graduate who had his dream cut short by a motorcycle accident in July 2001.  He and his family have been involved in the education of students who come to school speaking a language other than English for over 35 years. 

    Pick up an application in the Career Center. 

    DEADLINE: Monday, April 29, 2019. 


    14. INTERWEST CONSULTING GROUP Is offering scholarships to Rosemead High School Seniors.   Application opens on Tuesday, February 19th.  t The requirements are; you need to be a Rosemead resident, have a GPA of 2.5 or higher plan to attend a 4-year university, submit a professional photo.

    The Interwest Scholarship program invites you to apply at https://scholarships.interwestgrp.com/

    Deadline: midnight on Friday, March 22nd, 2019. 


    15. THE BOBBY SALCEDO MEMORIAL FOUNDATION SCHOLARSHIP is offering scholarships to Seniors from the El Monte Union High School District.  The Scholarship requirements are must be a high school seniors in EMUHSD, plan to attend a college, university, or vocational school, and must have a minimum 2.5 GPA.  The scholarship application must include a completed application, a copy of your official high school transcripts, 300-400 word essay, one letter of recommendation and list of contact names and phone numbers for verification of community service/hours.

    Pick up your application in the Career Center. 

    Deadline:  Monday, April 22, 2019


     16. JACL Greater Los Angeles Chapter Hana Uno Shepard Memorial Scholarship- is seeking eligible candidates for a $1,000 scholarship to be awarded.  The scholarship may be applied to any college, university, community college, fine arts, or technical school.  Applicants currently are 1. A graduating high school student, residing in Los Angeles County or Orange County.  2.  A member of a single-parent family.  3.  Of Japanese descent.  Each applicant must submit the request form, the application form, and an essay. on a separate sheet.  The winner will be selected based on academic record, community service and extracurricular involvement, quality of the essay, letter of recommendation and clarity of application.

    Download the application here

    Deadline: A completed application must be postmark on or before May 15, 2019. 


    17. AAa/e Foundation Scholarship- The AAa/e Foundation is offering Scholarships to qualified students who are interested in pursuing a career in Architecture, Engineering, and/or Construction and be one of the following: Full-time high school student, community college student, Undergraduate student, Post-graduate student, recent graduate, and Higher education institution supporting AEC program.  Also, the applicant must have demonstrated a measurable level of involvement/service to the Asian-Pacific Islander community.  Students and recent and recent grads must apply to become a member of AAa/e.

    To apply go to www.aaae.ngo 

    Deadline: April 15, 2019


    17.  Republic Services- The Republic Services 2018-2019 Rosemead Scholarship Program is offering five(5) $1,000 individual scholarship to five recipients.  The eligibility requirements are an essay contest of 400 to 500 work essay,   you must be a college-bound graduating senior and resident from the City of Rosemead.  The theme for the essay, writing guidelines, and the submission guidelines are included in the application, pick up the application in the Career Center.  Deadline is April 15th, 2019