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  • The Compulsory Attendance Law (E.C. 48200), requires that all children ages 6-18 attend school regularly and punctually. Absence from school, regardless of the reason, limits children’s educational opportunities and can negatively affect his/her grades and academic achievement. Excessive and unnecessary student absenteeism affects the entire school. When a student is absent, the instructors may provide some of the missed work; however, make-up work cannot adequately substitute for the learning that occurs during class time.

    The school has a system in place where parents are kept informed of their child’s attendance.  We highly encourage parents to monitor their child’s presence on a continuous basis.  Corrections can only be made within a specified period. This includes:

    a) Daily autodialer call that lets parents know their child is absent.

    b) Letter sent home informing parents of excessive absences, At least three different types of letters are sent home

    c) Phone calls from attendance staff and meetings with the Child Welfare & Attendance coordinator

    d) Student attendance appears on the School loop system and all report cards sent home.

    Absences and tardies will not be excused for non-medical/dental appointments (such as hair appointments, vacations, failure to get up in the morning, car trouble, babysitting siblings, missing the bus, etc.) Students who miss three (3) or more days of school because of illness will need a doctor’s excuse upon return.






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