• Goals/Plan of Action:

    1. 20% of student complete CTE pathway.
      1. Enroll students into Introduction or Concentrator course by freshmen or sophomore year.
      2. Collaborate with the counselors before the registration process.
      3. Review all approved course for the CTE pathway.
      4. Promote classes to students and parents via flyers, social media, school’s website
      5. Organize a parent CTE orientation
    2. 10% of student complete a career-specific certification program
      1. Enrolled in a specific CTE pathway
      2. Monitor the completion of students enrolled in the CTE Pathway
    3. 50% of student are enrolled in approved a-g course
      1. All pathway courses are A-G
    4. Increase the number of students enrolled in the AP-Studio Art 2D by 100%.