Visual and Performing Arts

  • Art is one of the universal languages all human beings understand and use to communicate. We use art to understand who we are, our places in the world, and the meaning of our lives. We use art to express ourselves and to speak to others across time and place.

    Involvement in the arts is associated with gains in math, reading, cognitive ability, critical thinking, and verbal skill. Arts learning can also improve motivation, concentration, confidence, and teamwork 


    2020-2021 Choir Auditions

    You are invited to audition for Rosemead High School A cappella Choir for the 2020-2021 school year! Online auditions are now open. The deadline is May 13
    Please note - Current RHS choir students do not need to complete this process. New choir students may join Aeolian Choir without an audition. Chamber Choir is open to current RHS A cappella Choir students only. 
    Audition instructions: 
    1. Review the lyrics for Almost Paradise, a song from the Footloose Medley we will be performing next year. 
    2. Please learn the appropriate part:  Guys - learn the baritone part.  Girls - choose either soprano (higher part) or alto (lower part) to learn and record. 
    3. Once you feel comfortable, please record yourself singing with the part recording on flipgrid. Make sure I can hear your voice over the voice on the recording. Be sure to let me know your name in your submission. 
    Here is the flipgrid link - note - No one besides Mrs. Gray and you can see this video.
    4. Please email Mrs. Gray at If you have trouble with flipgrid, you may email a recording directly. Please let Mrs. Gray know if you have trouble with recording or if you have any questions. 
    5. In your email, please include the following: 
    • Your name, grade, and id#
    • Your approximate GPA (you need at least a 2.0 to join A cappella Choir).
    • Explain why you want to join A cappella Choir
    • List any previous musical experience you have had.
    Thank you so much! Have an awesome day!


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