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    Attendance Bulletin to Parents and Students

    Attendance is extremely important to a child's academic success; children cannot learn if they are not in school.  The Compulsory Attendance Law (E.C. 48200), requires that all children aged 6-18 attend school regularly and punctually.  Absences due to personal illness, court appearance, or medical appointments can be verified if official documentation is provided.  Absences due to personal reasons, oversleeping, car repair, shopping, working, lack of clothing or lunch money, babysitting, extended vacation days, or trips do not meet the legal criteria and will be designated as unverified.  Parental notes are accepted, but marked as unverified.  Absences which are not verified either through official documentation or parental notification will be marked as truant.  Unauthorized or Excessive absences, even those verified by parents, may lead to disciplinary actions which include but are not limited to detention assignments, Saturday School Assignments, parent conferences, referral to the Student Attendance Review Board (SARB), or alternative placement. 


    Students are to report to the Attendance Office with a verification of absence, which must include students full name, date and reason for absence.  Student will be given a re-admit cared, which must be signed by each teacher from whose class they have been absent to.  The Attendance Office opens daily at 7:00 am to allow students to pick up their re-admit card with enough time to avoid being tardy to class.


    Mrs. Gigi Andrew, A-L                                         Mrs. Scarlett Rodriguez, M-Z        

          (626) 258-5415                                                     (626) 258-5414


    VERIFIED (E):  An absence due to illness approved by a physician or a court summons with verification.  Medical, dental, or optometric appointments, with verification.  Death of an immediate family member. 

    UNEXCUSED (X):  An absence which is personal and all other forms of illness, not verified by a doctors note.  Parental excused absences that exceed ten days will result in a Saturday Detention assignment.

    TRUANCY (T):  An absence without the knowledge or approval of parent/guardian, or school authority.

    TARDY (L):  Arriving to class and/or not being in assigned seat by the time the tardy bell rings for the period.

    SUSPENSION (S):  An absence due to student being involved in violation(s) of any of the listed reasons of the district suspension form.


    Sweeps will occur every morning at 7:56 am.  Any student that enters campus after this time is considered tardy and will receive a one hour detention if they present their ID card or a two hour detention if they do not have their ID card.  Sweeps may also be conducted in between periods after the tardy bell has rung and detention will be assigned accordingly. 

    Rosemead High School

    Tardy Policy

    Tardy # 1:  Warning, counseled by teacher

    Tardy # 2:  Warning, counseled by teacher

    Tardy # 3:  Teacher assigns 1 hour of detention

    Tardy # 4:  Teacher assigns 1 hour of detention

    Tardy # 5:  Teacher assigns 2 hours of detention

    Tardy # 6:  Teacher completes Student Referral Form & sends student to Counselor.  Counselor assigns a Saturday detention & makes parent contact.

    Tardy # 7:  Teacher assigns 1 hour of detention

    Tardy # 8:  Teacher assigns 1 hour of detention

    Tardy # 9:  Teacher assigns 2 hours of detention

    Tardy #10:  Teacher completes Student Referral Form & sends referral to CWA.  Saturday detention assigned & mandatory parent conference.  Possible SARB Referral.

    Tardy # 11 and beyond:  Recycle through the procedures for Tardy #7, 8, 9, & 10


    Students will be assigned a Saturday Detention, parent/student/counselor conference to be held.  Student placed on contract.  Possible referral to SARB (School Attendance Review Board).


    • Students will not be permitted to leave campus at anytime without permission.
    • If a student becomes ill, they need to report to the Nurses Office.   Students are not to call their parents directly from their cell phone.  The nurse will see student and decide if it is necessary to send the student home.   Parent/guardians will be contacted to come in to check students out through the Nurses Office. 
    • Students must have an Off-Campus Permit to leave campus during lunchtime, otherwise students are not able to leave campus during lunch.  In order to obtain an Off-Campus Permit from the school, students must have good attendance and good grades.
    • If a student has a doctor, dental, or personal appointment, parent/guardian must check student out through the Attendance Office.  Students must present official medical verification that they were seen in order to get an absence excused.


    Detention is assigned to students who fail to comply with the Rosemead High School tardy and truancy policies.  Students only have 5 school days to serve after school detention before it is converted to a Saturday Detention.  Detention is held Tuesdays & Thursdays from 2:50-3:50 pm in the Cafeteria.  Students may also attend any of the academic PREP labs to clear detention hours.  Students must present their ID card when attending detention.    


    Students must serve Saturday Detention assignments issued by the Guidance and Attendance Office.  Saturday Detention is a four-hour detention held in the cafeteria most every Saturday from 8:00 am to 12:00 pm. Students that do not attend their assigned Saturday Detention will be assigned a day in our Isolated Classroom Environment (ICE) the following week and a mandatory parent conference will be held.  Students must present their ID card when attending Saturday Detention.