• What is Open Enrollment?
    Open Enrollment is an application process by which you can request a different high school within the EMUHSD other than your high school of residence. The Open Enrollment application window occurs every year during the two-week during the first semester. The parent notifications are mailed home and are available in English, Spanish, Chinese and Vietnamese.  
    How do I know which school is my school of residence? 
    Each school has boundaries defining its attendance area.  If you reside within the established boundaries of a school, that is your school of residence within the EMUHSD.  Information indicating the school to which your student is assigned is available through the District Office located at 3537 Johnson Avenue, El Monte, California, or on our website at www.emuhsd.org.  Go to "Home School Interactive Map."  You can also lookup your address by clicking here.
    How do I request a different school within the EMUHSD for my child?
    You may request placement in a different EMUHSD school by submitting an application at the District Office, located at 3537 Johnson Avenue in El Monte during the Open Enrollment window dates.  Applications are available in four different languages on this website and at the District Office.
    How do I request a school in a different school district?
    Open Enrollment pertains only to requested transfers within the EMUHSD.  If you wish to request a school outside of this district (i.e. Arcadia, Temple City, etc.), you must request an Inter-District Attendance Permit directly at your high school of residence.  Please click here for more information about the Inter-District Attendance Permit process.
    Am I assured of the school I request during Open Enrollment?
    No. A random, unbiased selection will determine which students are accepted for a particular school.  There is a possibility you will not receive your requested school.  Students not selected for the school of their choice will be assigned to their school of residence.  If your student does not receive your choice of school, the student's name will be placed on a waiting list for a duration of time.  
    If I obtained a high school transfer for my child through Open Enrollment in the past, do I need to attend Open Enrollment again?
    No.  You do not need to renew your child's Open Enrollment transfer every year.  You would only need to attend Open Enrollment again if you are requesting another transfer to another EMUHSD school.
    Is transportation provided to the new school?
    Transportation is not provided to any school.