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    What is ELAC?

    Every public school in California, grades K-12, with 21 or more English Language Learners (ELLs), regardless of the language, must have a functioning English Learner Advisory Committee. Its compromised of parents, staff, and community members who are responsible for advising school and district officials on programs and services for ELLs, as well as communicating and voicing any concerns that need to be addressed. 

    ELAC's main purpose is to provide parents of ELL students the opportunities to: 

    1. Learn about programs offered to their children

    2. Receive training through workshops on how to be active participants and help their children succeed in school

    3. Provide input to the principal and school staff of positive and effective strategies to teach ELLs

    4. Provide input of the most effective ways to support full participation of ELLs in school activities

    5. Provide input of the most effective ways to ensure regular school attendance

    6. Paricipate in the school's needs assessment

    7. Empower themselves and their children in order to bring about change