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    We want as many Lions as possible to enjoy an athletic experience at EMHS!


    Due to the COVID-19 Pandemic, we have an altered CIF Sports Calendar for the 2020-2021 School Year



    CIF Sports Calendar 2020-2021


    EMUHSD Eligibility Requirements based on Board Policy 7.19:

    All students participating in sports, cheer, choir, band, drama, ASB and all specified clubs and other activities as designated by the Principal, must meet eligibility requirements.  If a student does not meet the below listed requirements, he/she will become ineligible to play or perform for the following six (6) weeks:

    1)  Earn a 2.0 GPA (grade point average) each six (6) week grading period

    2)  Pass at least four (4) classes each six-week grading period

    3)  Have no more than one "4" as a citizenship mark

    A probation period will be granted only if the student was previously eligible according to Board Policy, AND the student is currently passing four (4) or more classes and meeting citizenship requirements, BUT their GPA has dropped below a 2.0 GPA.