• Welcome to Mountain View High School Physical Education.

    We believe Physical Education is an essential component of your education and impacts the life-long learning and well-being of each student. To accomplish this, we believe it is critical that physical education programs offer a planned and sequential instruction program that provides students with the skills, knowledge and confidence to be physically active and improve their quality of life. During the Freshmen year students enroll in P.E. 9 which is a survey class offering students a variety of activities  and focuses on components of health and fitness. The sophomore through senior years students may select courses which focus on a deeper understanding of stratigies and develop skills further. Electives include Body Conditioning, Individual/Dual Activities, Team Sports, Weight Training and Athletics. 

    Physical Education Requirements:

    Graduation- Completion of 2 years ( 20 units )

    State Physical Fitness Test- Pass 5 out of 6 tests:

    - Body composition (BMI)

    - Aerobic capacity

    - Upper body strength and endurance

    - Flexibility

    - Abdominal strength and endurance

    - Trunk extensor strength and flexibility


    P.E. clothes are available for purchase in the Student Store. Shirts and shorts are $10 each for sizes small through extra large and $12 for 2XL and larger.