Welcome to Our Social Science Department

  • In the Social Science Department, we offer World History, United States History, Psychology, Economics, and United States Government.  We also offer many Advanced Placement courses in our department in order to better prepare your students to be successful at the college level. These include Advanced Placement World History, United States History, American Government, Economics, and Psychology.  


    In all levels of our social science courses we work to help our students become better communicators, to be able to collaborate with others, to think critically, to solve problems creatively, and to positively engage in their community.  We also focus on thinking, reading, and writing like a historian.


    The Mountain View High School Social Science Department believes that all students are capable of learning. With our teachers preparing the best lessons and activities for your student, and with your support from home, providing a quiet place and time for homework to be attempted and completed, there is no limit to the success your child will have throughout the Social Science curriculum.    


    Much like a foreign language class, students need to practice what they have learned outside of class to help have stronger retention of the concepts taught. Encouraging your child to review his/her notes, complete assignments, and build/use flash cards at home will make him/her a better social science student.


    The Social Sciences set the foundation of your student and their role in this world.  We really need your student to be successful in the Social Sciences, since our students truly are the future.  As we pass the baton of leadership to the next generation, we need that generation to be successful, since they will be taking care of us all in our later days.