Visual & Performing Arts

  • Art is one of the earliest forms of human communication. Through art, we can understand one another throughout the world. People have portrayed their world and expressed their dreams, ideas, and feelings. Every work of art reflects the time and place in which it was created. Art offers us a unique opportunity to journey into the past, tell us where we are in the present, and guide us toward the future. The arts can result in the study of oneself or the universe as a whole. Great philosophers, including the ancient Greeks, Plato and Aristotle have attempted to define the nature of art and understand its unique contribution to human life.


    Art is creative, therapeutic, expressive, and thought provoking. Art helps in all areas of learning from Math and English to cognitive, verbal, and critical thinking skills. Art can improve motivation, concentration, confidence, and teamwork.

  • Mountain View High School is fortunate to offer high quality courses which represent the many aspects of performing and visual arts.  We offer courses in Band, Ceramics, Choir, Drama, Drawing, Guitar, and Music Techology.  Much of this course work is offered for beginning, intermediate, and advanced learning levels.

  • Anthony d'Almeida

    Visual Arts Department Head/ Ceramics Teacher

    (626) 443-6181 Ext. 5387


    Ron Switzer

    Art Teacher

    (626) 443-6181 Ext.5304


    Nancy Ludwig

    Performing Arts Department Head/ Choral Director

    (626) 443-6181 Ext(s) 5301 or 5895


    Scott Bier

    Drama Instructor

    (626) 443-6181 Ext(s) 5390 or 5403


    James Fraracci

    Band Director/ Music Technology Instructor

    (626) 443-6181 Ext(s) 5247 or 5302