Our Math Department

  • The Mountain View math department believes that all students are capable of learning mathematics and the importance of problem-solving.  With our teachers preparing the best lessons and activities for your student, and with your support from home; providing a time and quiet place for homework to be attempted and completed, there is no limit to the success your child will have in Algebra, Geometry, Calculus and Statistics. Much like a foreign language class, students need to practice what they have learned outside of class to help have stronger retention of the concepts taught. Encouraging your student to review their notes, practice problems and build/use flash cards at home will make them better math students.


    MVHS math classes are designed to use technology to help students improve.  Each teacher has access to chrome books and graphing calculators to provide opportunities to explore solutions, graphs and real-world applications of mathematics. With this technology and the internet, students are able to see greater connections between patterns, graphs and equations.  All of this is to help our students prepare for a work force that can handle the challenges of living in a technological world.


    The following are the 8 mathematical practices of the Common Core that are the foundation for mathematical thinking and practice for students as well as guidance that helps teachers modify their classrooms to approach teaching in a way that develops a more advanced mathematical understanding. Think of these standards as a guide to creating a more complex and absorbing learning experience that can be applied to everyday life, instead of being left in the classroom. This is very different from the way previous generations studied math.