• At Mountain View High School, our faculty and staff value community and collaboration. Our professional learning communities are committed to working together in ways that improve teaching and learning for all students. The goal of our PLC structure is to ensure high-quality instruction for all students. Below are some resources for PLCs.


    MVHS Collaboration Request Form: If your PLC would like to schedule collaboration time, please click the link and make a copy of this form. Complete the form and follow the process for approval. Be sure to check with the Instruction Office to make sure the proposed dates work. Then, check in with the Instructional Coach for support with the agenda and notify the CPA, Mr. Mario Flores, to notify him since he will be collecting documentation of the use of Title I funds.

    MVHS Generic Sign-in Template: Once the collaboration day has been approved, please click this link and make a copy of this generic sign-in form. Once you have filled in the information in the heading, be sure to print this out and have your collaboration team sign in and out on the day of the collaboration. This sign-in sheet, the agenda, minutes/notes, and all other products from this time, must be submitted to the Categorical Programs Assistant and the API.

    MVHS ICAN Calendar: Be sure to check the PLC Calendar to make sure that your collaboration time is recorded in the correct month for your department. 

    Data-reflection meetings: When you have your course-team data reflection meetings, you can use these protocols. Student Work Analysis or Data-driven Dialogue


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  • Our PLC work falls into 3 main categories: common planning, common assessments and data analysis, and common instructional practices. To assist in your data-analysis process, please review the data-driven dialogue protocol (above) and the slide presentation (below). Here is a link to a graphic organizer to use on the day of your PLC meeting. 

If you are having trouble viewing the document, you may download the document.