• Goals / Plan of Action:

    Weight Training Classes

    • All students perform and demonstrate the proper and correct technique in lifting weights, exercises
    • All students exhibit progress in max amounts of several lifts (chosen by the teacher

    PE 9 Classes

    • Develop students’ cardiovascular health.
      • Use of Fitbit to measure heart rate, time of completion
      • Students run a mile once a month and record time and Heart rate
    • Understand factors affecting performance such as pacing, hydration, weather conditions, and running form.

    Skill Classes (Tennis, Badminton, Basketball, Dance, LifeTime Recreation)

    • Develop and increase the skill level of each student in the various movements of the game
      • Visual demonstrations and physical practice of skills 
      • Game rules are taught
      • Game strategy is taught through demonstrations and during extra play
      • Skill tests are used to analyze and grade skill improvement