• Language Acquisition Program

    A language acquisition program is an educational program designed for English learners to ensure English acquisition as rapidly and effectively as possible and provides instruction to these students on the state-adopted academic content and ELD standards through Integrated and Designated ELD.

    The district offers the following language acquisition program:

    • Structured English Immersion (SEI) - The SEI program is a language acquisition program for English learners that provides classroom instruction in English using a curriculum and presentation designed to support English language development and provide English learners with access to core content. Primary language support may be provided, as needed. [EC 306(c)(3), 310(b)(2)]


    Parent Request of Establishment of a Langauge Acquisition Program

    The district is required to establish a process for schools to receive and respond to requests from parents of students enrolled in the school to establish a language acquisition program other than, or in addition to, the program(s) available at the school. The process shall require each school to maintain a written record of each request, including at least the following [5 CCR §11311]:

    • the date of the request;
    • the names of the parent and pupil;
    • a general description of the request; and
    • the pupil’s grade level on the date of the request.


    Procedure for Submitting a Parent Request

    Parents of English learners or of native English speakers may submit a written or verbal request for the establishment of a language acquisition program to any one of the following:

    • the school admininstrator,
    • the school Language Assessemnt Assistant,
    • the school site English Learner Advisory Committee (ELAC),
    • the district English Learner Program coordinator,
    • the District English Learner Advisory Committee (DELAC), or
    • the Local Control and Accountability Plan (LCAP) committee. 


    Written Requests: Parents may complete a Parent Request Form, which is available in the Language Assessment Office at each school or for download using the following link Language Acquisition Program Parent Request Form (English pdf / Spanish pdf) / Chinese pdf).

    Verbal Requests: Parents may submit a verbal request, which will be recorded on the Language Acquisition Program Parent Request Form. After the information on the form is reviewed with the parent, a parent signature will be requested.


    Procedure for Responding to Parent Requests for a Language Acquisition Program

    Under the California Education for a Global Economy (CA Ed.G.E.) Initiative, as approved by Proposition 58 (FAQ), each school is required to take the following steps when responding to parent requests for a language acquisition program:

    A. assist parents in clarifying requests, as needed;

    B. maintain a written record of parent requests submitted, whether in writing or made verbally for at least 3 years from the date of the request (all requests will be kept on file in the Language Assessment Office); 

    C. monitor the number of parent requests for language acquisition programs on a regular basis; and

    D. notify the district EL Program coordinator immediately upon reaching the threshold of requests.

    The threshold is met when the parents of 30 pupils or more enrolled in a school, or when the parents of 20 pupils or more in the same grade level enrolled in a school, request the same or substantially similar type of language acquisition program. 

    A school shall consider requests for a multilingual program model from parents of pupils enrolled in the school who are native speakers of English when determining whether a threshold specified is reached.


    Timeline and Implementation Process

    The timeline begins when the threshold number of requests for the same or substantially similar type of langauge acquisition program is reached (30 or more students enrolled in a school, or 20 or more students in the same grade level).

    Within 10 school days: 

    Provide written notification of the parents' requests for a language acquisition program to parents of students attending the school, the school's teachers and administrators, the site and district English learner advisiory committees, and parent advisory committee.

    Within 60 calendar days:

    1. Conduct a study to determine if the language acquisition program can be implemented. The study includes:

    (A) identification of costs and resources necessary to implement the new language acquisition program, including but not limited to availability of certificated teachers with the appropriate authorizations, and the availability of classroom space;

    (B) determination of the availability of the necessary instructional materials;

    (C) analysis of need for professional development for the proposed program; and

    (D) provision of opportunities for parent and community engagement to support the proposed program goals.


    2. Provide notice, in writing, to parents of pupils attending the school, the school’s teachers and administrators, and to advisory committees of the determination.

    (A) In the case where the district determines it is possible to implement a language acquisition program at the school, the district shall create and publish a reasonable timeline of actions necessary to implement the language acquisition program.

    (2) In the case where the district determines it is not possible to implement a language acquisition program requested by parents, the district shall provide in written form an explanation of the reason(s) the program cannot be provided, and may offer an alternate option that can be implemented at the school.


    Each school shall follow the process set forth above, even when the district provides the requested language acquisition program at another school of the district at the time the threshold of parent requests is met. 



    Education Code 306

    Education Code 310

    5 California Code of Regulations §11311