• The district’s mailing operations are centralized through the Print Shop. The Print Shop will be responsible for all school site and departments mailings. If you have a mailing request you will need to complete the attached Mail Request Form (see below). If you have any questions, please contact the Print Shop at ext# 9858 or 9859.
    The Print shop handles two types of mailings: Bulk Mail and Non-Bulk Mail
    • The US Postal Services defines Bulk Mail any mailing of 500 pieces or more
    • Non-Bulk Mailing is defined as 499 pieces or less
    District Service
    The District will continue to pick up the mail at the school sites and District office each day. The mail will be sorted and stamped at the Print Shop. The District office mailing machine will be moved to the Print Shop. For mail that must be Certified please notify receptionist.
    Bulk Mailing
    The Print Shop will perform all of the functions related to the bulk mailing (i.e printing of the letters, stuffing of the envelopes, applying appropriate posted, packaging and strapping and delivery to the post office).
    Instructions for Submitting a Mail Request Form
    • Complete the Bulk Mail request form
    • For Bulk Mailing of letters and fliers, the original should be sent to the Print Shop so that it can be printed and inserted
    • For addresses you must contact Data Processing at ext 4553 and request that the data file be sent to the Print Shop related to your request. 
    • Addresses will be printed directly onto the envelope, please indicated on the Mail Request form if a window envelope is required.