• Fixed Asset Retirement Form Directions
    Before you render an item obsolete, please follow the instructions below. If you have any questions, please contact the Purchasing Department at (626) 444-9005 x9850 or Purchasing@emuhsd.org
    1. If it is a technology related item such as a computer, printer, monitor, etc…. Please contact your site technician. Site technician will determine if items can be rendered as surplus, obsolete or irreparable. Site technician will follow steps 2 through 6.

    2. If the item is not a technology related item, please fill out form completely.

    3. After you have filled out the form and recorded asset tag number(s), remove asset tag(s) and tape on back of the white copy that goes to the business office.

    4. Remove your copy of the form and keep for your records. (canary copy)

    5. Give to principal’s secretary for principal’s approval.

    6. Send completed form to the Purchasing Department along with asset tags.

    7. Purchasing Department will submit board approval.

    8. After the items have been board approved to be discarded, Purchasing Supervisor will contact maintenance department at each location to set up date/time to pick-up items.

    9. DO NOT send items to be disposed of directly to Warehouse. Items need to be picked up by the Transportation Department and or recycling company.