Student Teaching Requests

  • EMUHSD participates in the Student-Teaching practicum with surrounding Universities. This program helps aspiring educators gain the hands-on experience they need to succeed in their future careers. With the guidance of Master Teachers, student-teachers can observe and participate in classroom lessons and activities and work closely with the Master/Cooperating Teachers. This collaborative approach provides a positive influence, an introduction to a career in education, and ongoing feedback essential to future educators' success.

    To facilitate better communication between universities and EMUHSD, the following is required:

    • Memorandum of Understanding between EMUHSD and College or University 

    or you may contact:

    Laura Rivas, Ed.D., Assistant Superintendent of Educational Services 

    Robin Torres, Assistant Superintendent for Human Resources 

    Victoria Sic, Administrative Secretary of Educational Services 



Classroom Observation Requests

  • College/ University students requesting to participate in classroom observation as part of the college curriculum may request to conduct those hours at one of our high schools. 

    The request can be directed to the desired school by contacting the site administrator. 

    You may contact:

    Arrroyo High School 626-444-9201

    El Monte High School 626-444-7701

    Fernando R. Ledesma High School 626-442-0481

    Mountain View High School 626-443-6181

    Rosemead High School 626-286-3141

    South El Monte High School 626-258-5600