• 2020-2021 Club Charter Application Page

    Welcome Panthers!  Every new school year, new clubs and returning clubs need to fill out a Club Charter Application. This page serves as a guideline for starting, or continuing a club at Rosemead High School.  Many opportunities for leadership, philanthropy, and social involvement exist through membership and participation in student clubs and organizations.  At Rosemead High School we take pride in all our clubs on campus.  

    Submit all forms along with a copy of the constitution to the Activities office for review. During Distance Learning, you may send this through email to Ms. Trigo in Activities at veronica.trigo@emuhsd.org and cc our current ASB President, Leyna Tran at leyna.tran228@stu.emuhsd.org.   

    Please follow these steps to be sure your club is approved for this school year.

    Once you click on the Club Charter link:  

    1) Copy the document to your own drive and rename it.

    2) In your new document, please fill in all the details: 

    • You must have a faculty advisor/coach at Rosemead High School who will be interested in advising and supporting your club.

    • For new clubs, find at least 5 current students to serve as founding members, and for returning clubs, be sure you have a club cabinet.

    • Write a constitution using the Sample Constitution Guideline or you may provide one of your own.

    • Complete each of the following forms:

      Application Form

      Authorization Form

      Club Budget

    3) Submit your Application to Ms. Trigo (veronica.trigo@emuhsd.net) and cc our ASB president, Leyna Tran (leyna.tran228@stu.emuhsd.org)

    4) Club Charter Applications are Due by September 8th.


    5) Follow up on the status of the submitted forms by contacting our current ASB President, Leyna Tran at leyna.tran228@stu.emuhsd.org.