School Loop is an online education portal for the El Monte Union High School District community. It enables members of a school site to view student information and communicate with one another. As a parent/guardian, once you are registered, you are able to access information about your child's grades, assignments, attendance, school events, and more.

    The fastest way to access School Loop Here are the direct website links for each of our 6 high schools who offer this SchoolLoop Portal: 
    , El Monte, Fernando Ledesma, Mountain View, Rosemead, & South El Monte 

    (Note: Students do not need to register for School Loop, their Google email credentials are all they need in order to login to School Loop)

    If you are attending summer school click on this link:  Summer School Loop

    The fastest way to access School Loop from the website, is by clicking on the School Loop icons provided on each school's homepage (shown above)

    Specific information regarding features and the registration process for School Loop are provided in the FAQs below.


    How to register for School Loop Q. When may I register for School Loop?

    A. You may register at any time during the academic year. Parents of students who are new to a school site will not be able to register themselves until the first day of school.

    Q. What do I need to register for School Loop?

    A. You need your child's Student ID number and a valid email address.

    Q. Where can I find my student's ID number?

    A. The Student ID number can be found on a report card, your child's Student ID card, the course schedule, or you can contact your school office.

    How to navigate to the school's homepage and then School Loop link Q. How can I find the School Loop login page for my student's school?

    A. All school home pages have a link directly to School Loop within their global icon bar, which is just below the main images. You can navigate directly to the School Loop pages by clicking the links we have provided above or by using the "Select a School" menu above, clicking on the school of your choice and finally by clicking on the "School Loop" icon on the page.
    See the image to the right for an example -->

    Q. Can I use my student's login and password to get into School Loop?

    A. It is best that you register and use your parent login. Student accounts are slightly different from parent accounts in that they can submit homework via School Loop and have personal lockers to store files. 

    Q. Why aren't my student's teachers not posting assignments or grades on School Loop?

    A. All teachers are expected to post and grade assignments within a reasonable time frame. If you do not see any classroom assignments, feel free to contact the teacher directly or the school's Student Services department. 

    Q. Because my kids are at different schools, could I log in once and access both schools?

    A. No, you must sign in to each school site you at which your kids are attending.

    Q. I have kids at two schools within EMUHSD.  Why do I have to register separately at each one?

    A. Unfortunately, each school site's database for parents is independent of one another at this time. Parents must register for each site separately but they can use the same login/password credentials for each School Loop account.