• RHS Academic/Instructional Support Program 

    Rosemead High School provides different avenues to support students with their academic needs specifically in the areas of English and Mathematics. Students qualified to be part of the intervention program must enroll in a core academic course (English/Math).  The school's master schedule includes the Academic Language Development (ALD) support program and Integrated Math Lab 1 (IM Lab 1) as additional support to students who need extended instructional time. Specific entry and exit criteria have been in established to identify students to be enrolled in these classes. 

    The school also provides an after-school academic support session.  In the past five years, Rosemead High School worked in partnership with Learn LA PREP Program. The PREP afterschool program offers tutorial classes in core subject areas, and non-academic enrichment activities. The non-academic activities include art, culinary arts, gardening, and weight training.

    Also, RHS offers an opportunity for students to recover lost credits through the Credit Recovery Program. This online program serves students who need to complete credit towards graduation and comply with "a-g" admission requirements. Students must see their academic counselor to participate in this service