• Welcome to the Panther's Library Media Center

     Library Mission Statement:


    The mission of Rosemead High school library is to provide a place for students to learn and appreciate the power of information through various print and electronic materials, to supply a space where ideas can meet through students and teachers, and to inspire all students to be active and contributing members of society.

     Library Vision Statement:

    The vision of Rosemead High school library is to support the curriculum of the school, as well as to provide all students, faculty, and staff access to current, adequate, and appropriate information resources to encourage them to be effective users of ideas and information. To transform the library into a place that fosters students and teachers to collaborate and be creative, critical thinkers.

    Library Objectives:

    • To champion and supply for all users materials that support the curriculum of all classes as well as provide recreational reading materials that meet the interests and needs of all students and staff. At the same time ensuring that all materials represent diversity while fostering the love for reading. 

    • To engage and collaborate with our teachers and students in order to form a more customized learning and instructional environment that is able to comply with any type of library user's needs.

    • To instruct and assist educators and students in understanding and mastering the resources and technologies that are available in the ever-changing world of technology.

    • To discover and provide a range of resources that are up-to-date and represent the diversity of the world around us.