• Pharmacy Technician

    A pharmacy technician assists the pharmacists with the preparation of prescription medications for customers, patients or health professionals. Expanding pharmacy technician roles is critical to evolving the pharmacy practice model. In a hospital setting, the pharmacy technician helps fill orders for patients and ensures that they are delivered to the right units. They also help the pharmacist ensure that the pharmacy has the right amount of stock to meet patient needs.

    There are many different types of pharmacy, and other places where a trained pharmacy technician may work. This includes:

    • community pharmacy
    • mail order pharmacy
    • hospital pharmacy
    • oncology  or nuclear pharmacy
    • industrial pharmacy
    • pediatric pharmacy
    • compounding pharmacy
    • pharmacy benefit manager
    • home care pharmacy
    • poison control center
    • home infusion pharmacy

    Below you can find the requirements for the career sequence pharmacy technician. The classes will be taken as part of the cohort. Please be advised that all students must complete all prerequisites prior to enrolling in this sequence.