• Building & Construction Trades

    The Building & Construction Program consists of 3 classes that vary in level and instruction. The classes are as follows Construction I, Construction II, and Construction III. You can see their descriptions below.

    Construction I

    This course includes review of hand and power tools use, residential floor framing on a raised foundation, residential wall framing on a slap foundation and sub flooring, residential roof framing, rafter framing and trusses, and sheathing practices for floors, walls and roofs, roofing preparation and insulation.

    Construction II

    This course includes advanced usage of hand and power tools, insulation, house wrap, drywall, doors, windows, and finish carpentry.

    Construction III

    This course includes instruction in optical leveling identification and use, site and building layout techniques, footings, steel framing layout techniques identification and installation, commercial door hanging, acoustical ceiling identification and installation, stair framing and floor work layout footings identification, formwork construction, commercial door hanging and installation. Math and hand tools safety are also incorporated into this class.